What to do at home. 80 exciting, enjoyable and rewarding activities

It just seems that staying at home is boring.

Print out this list, cut it into narrow strips with one item each, and put them in a box or jar. When you get bored at home, just pull out any note at random – and act according to the plan.

1. Dance. To your favorite music, of course!

2. Test a new game. For example, Morphite or Alto’s Odyssey.

3. Watch all episodes of Game of Thrones in one fell swoop. If enough weekends, of course.

4. Take a lot of selfies, choose the best, and update avatars in instant messengers and social networks.

5. Try on all the current clothes by arranging several stylish looks.

6. Move furniture to freshen up the interior. Any changes in the surrounding space benefit the brain cells and improve memory and mood.

7. Make a plank.

8. Discover new music. You can search for it in as many as 40 different ways. Try it and you will understand how many great songs you have not heard yet!

9. Rhyme everything that you see around, even if it is “cat-cattle.” Perhaps you will have a poem! It’s also a great brain workout.

10. Compose and beautifully design a crossword puzzle.

11. Explore a site you like and get ideas from there. Dig deep!

12. Start your own blog or channel in Telegram.

13. Get lost on Pinterest. What to pair your new pencil skirt with, how to spend your child’s first birthday – millions of ideas await you for every taste!

14. Build your own private Pinterest page by saving ideas that interest you.

15. Take a bubble bath with a couple of drops of your favorite aromatic oil.

16. Arrange a spa at home: with face and hair masks, a bath for hands, and a brush for heels.

17. Cook and slowly, savoring every sip, drink cocoa or perfect hot chocolate.

18. Give yourself a massage.

19. Start reading a book about travel, space, or magic.

20. Turn on a light relaxing movie – about something good and without unnecessary frills.

21. Thoughtfully fill an anti-stress coloring book with all possible colors.

22. Start painting by numbers.

23. Practice yoga. All you need is some floor space and a rug (although a rug will do).

24. Seduce a partner.

25. Learn to meditate.

26. Take a nap.

27. Sit in front of the window with a cup of coffee and watch passers-by, leaves, and clouds. Feel happy.

28. Spend all day on the couch and not worry about it a bit.

29. Deal with the instructions for household appliances and finally figure out how to make a double latte in a cool new coffee maker.

30. Cook something interesting according to the recipe of some culinary guru. Or master express dishes, which take no more than 5 minutes. Or finally, cook the best borscht in your life.

31. Clean your computer and smartphone from unnecessary applications.

32. Start listening to podcasts: educational or entertaining.

33. Choose an interesting online course and listen to it.

34. View photos and videos accumulated in the smartphone’s memory. Remove redundant.

35. Update software on laptops and gadgets. Make sure you have the latest OS and antivirus installed.

36. Take pictures of unnecessary things and put them on Avito.

37. Go to Avito and look for a thing there that you have been thinking about buying for a long time. Find an inexpensive ideal option and order.

38. Go through the closet and put things in a bag that you can then give to those in need.

39. Dismantle the first-aid kit, leaving only the necessary and not expired in it.

40. Make a unique interior decoration with your own hands. Lots of ideas and instructions.

41. Start keeping a personal diary.

42. Make a list of goals for the next month, six months, and year.

43. Update and expand your resume using hacks that can double your salary.

44. Update your profile on a dating site. If you are registered there, of course.

45. Get a facial massage.

46. ​​Explore Wikipedia. Fall down the “rabbit hole” for a while: follow the links inside the article that interests you, expanding your knowledge of the issue more and more.

47. Set up a mini vegetable garden on the windowsill: in a couple of weeks you will have your own organic greens.

48. Prepare office lunches in advance, divide them into portions, and place them in the refrigerator.

49. Clean up. For example, according to the Japanese principles of kaizen.

50. Shine a bathroom.

51. Wash windows.

52. Make a list of the pros and cons of a task that you think about a lot. Whether to have children? Should I buy a car? Go on vacation abroad or within the country?

53. Collect an emergency suitcase in case of emergency.

54. Wash and clean combs and makeup brushes.

55. Learn how to tie a tie or scarf in a dozen stylish ways.

56. Recall an old friend with whom you have not communicated for a long time, and send him a message in a messenger or voice mail.

57. Write a letter (real, paper!) to your grandparents. Tell everything about yourself, your life, and how you love your recipients.

58. Write short messages to your loved one on small pieces of paper, so that later you can discreetly put them in his pockets and bag.

59. Take colored paper, scissors, and glue and make some greeting cards for friends and loved ones for the coming holidays. Lifehacker wrote about homemade gifts for February 23rd and March 8th. But the ideas are so good that they can be used all year round.

60. Make (and write down, so as not to forget!) a list of gifts that will please your loved ones.

61. Watch with friends those series that perfectly match your mood. Don’t forget to order pizza!

62. Talk with a partner about joint plans and goals and be sure to agree on the dates of the next adventure.

63. Meet a friend. Make each other cool hairstyles.

64. Play board games with friends or children.

65. Teach your friends card tricks or surprise them with simple tricks based on the laws of physics.

66. Compete: who will fold the farthest-flying paper airplane? Anything can be used for aircraft construction: from office paper to old magazines and newspapers.

67. Together with someone, start putting together a huge puzzle of a thousand pieces.

68. Give your partner a foot massage.

69. Fortune telling. For example, take the thickest book and invite friends to name the page and line number, and then read the prediction together. Or make magic cookies.

70. Enough to take pictures with friends.

71. Blow soap bubbles.

72. Make your pet a new bed, toy, or scratching post. Lifehacker has already collected instructions.

73. Together with your children, write a letter to your family in the future. Hide it in a time capsule and promise to open it and read it in a year.

74. Make a clear joint plan with the children about how you will spend the summer holidays or the next weekend. Choose movies on the sites of the nearest cinemas, book a ticket, make an itinerary …

75. Cuddle babies, and arrange pillow fights (it’s nice, and such memories will remain in children for a long time).

76. Finally go in for sports. Have you been dreaming of tightening your stomach or buttocks for a long time ?

77. Together with the children, build a cardboard castle from old boxes and color it. If you put several boxes together, cutting doors into them, you get a multi-room house!

78. Arrange a dress-up show with the children (at the same time, sort out the closet in the nursery).

79. Draw a big picture together on a huge sheet or glued landscape sheets.

80. Take paints and a sheet of drawing paper and leave prints of your palms on them. Date and store carefully.

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